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The Art of Ratting

Ways to use your rattys and enjoy making your own stories

The gentle art of ratting is about firing your imagination with all sorts of ways of bringing your rattys to life. Each ratty family have their own costumes and style so your child can play them in their own special way. Rasta Rattys like to chill by the beach, Riley Rattys like nothing better than going on expeditions. They are only limited by their own imagination!

Things you can do with your Riley Rats

Bring your rattys to life with these exciting adventures

Some of the wonderful things you can do with your Riley Rats, and you will have many more brilliant ideas too!

  • Pack up picnics to have in a beauty spot
  • Go on wild expeditions together
  • Make new clothes and hats for your Riley Rat
  • Gather seeds and berries for delicious feasts

The possibilities are endless!


Ratty Projects

Some of our projects - ignite your imagination

Build your own Ratty House

Make your own house for your Riley Rats.

  1. Stick together cardboard boxes, make partitions, staircases and cut out windows.
  2. Paint your house inside and out.
  3. Make wallpaper from wrapping paper.
  4. Paint tiny pictures to hang in the rooms.
  5. Cut out pictures from Magazines to decorate the walls.
  6. Hang curtains from scraps of material on all the windows.
  7. For bowls use bottle tops and fill them with pomegranate seeds

The Rattys collect all manner of things,
To make their house all comfy and grand
From cushions and posies, bath tubs and roses,
The most beautiful home in the land.

A Garden Wedding

The Riley Rats love weddings, they make them truly spectacular occasions.

  1. Choose special flowers for the hats and dresses.
  2. Collect seeds and petals for the delicious food
  3. Find beautiful leaves for the plates and picnic rugs
  4. Decorate flat stones for a table and chairs.
  5. Make a wedding arch out of bent sticks and decorate with blossoms.

The music will play and the dancers will sway,
the Rattys will party all night.
They nibble and eat, treat after treat,
Until their outfits willfeel quite tight!


A Camping Trip

There is nothing more exciting than going camping.

  1. Your Riley Rats can pack their things into some sort of transportation. A car, a boat or perhaps a magic carpet!
  2. They will need a tent made from a handkerchief.
  3. And some sleeping bags made from small socks.
  4. A carpet or rug for the wonderful picnics
  5. Plenty of food in some sort of box
  6. And a fishing rod, just in case

And away they will go to find a good spot,
to build a fire and pitch their tent.
And piling their supper into a pot,
They’ll tell stories of the wild places they went.



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