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Made for each other Ratty pairs at sale prices

Lord & Lady Riley

£23.98 £21.99

Lord and Lady Riley run a beautiful house in the country with heavenly gardens where they invite all their friends for lovely weekends of feasting, dancing, riding and croquet. They are always ready for an adventure.


Snow Rattys

£23.98 £21.99

Blizzard and Snowflake love their lives in the snowy North. In his spare time Blizzard skis and flies the big skies in his paraglider and Snowflake has an appreciation for the arts and history of the world.


Rasta Rats

£23.98 £21.99

Jackson and Esther live by the sea, loving the peaceful way of life in between the busy times. They have many visitors who are always welcomed with cups of masala tea while chatting round the fire late into the night.


Maharajah Rattys

£23.98 £21.99

The Maharaja Rattys live in a beautifully ornate palace with intricately carved doorways, wonderful marble floors, incredible fountains and botanical gardens.


Safari Rattys

£23.98 £21.99

Safari Jo and Safari Jen both love the bush.They realize how precious it is for all the plants and animals, and yet it is being destroyed and dug up for growing crops.


Farming Rattys

£23.98 £21.99

Basil and Blossom grow delicious fruit, vegetables and many seeds in his organic permaculture garden and running the bee farm, making delicious honey, candles and wax furniture polish. The sell in the Farmers Market with visitors coming from all around to buy and sell their produce.


Love and Pie

£23.98 £21.99

Love Rat is a peace keeper, spreading the word of love, traveling far and wide to teach and preach the story of Love. Pie Rat is an Eco Warrior with a plan to clean up the beaches and use recycled goods to make surf boards.


Christmas Rattys

£23.98 £21.99

Santa and Angel Ratty are especially busy at Christmas spreading peace and goodwill to all. All year Santa visits workshops around the world, finding treasures to hand out at Christmas.

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