Our Story

How Riley Rats came into the world

When I was a child in Kenya, my godmother made me and my sister a small cloth rat and we made cardboard box houses for them with our cousins. They lived on a ranch and we had many holidays with hours of fun sewing, painting, riding and endless picnics.

After my three sons, I had a little daughter who I made a small cloth rat for and I introduced her to the endless possibilities of creating, inventing and story telling about her ratty. The brothers were away at school so ratty was our constant companion while we went about our busy farming life.

When Isabella was six she went to boarding school as we didn't live near a school. Ratty of course went too and soon all of Isabella's new friends wanted a ratty.  I soon needed help making rattys and before too long Riley Rats was born.

Isabella has always helped with the business, and as she grows up continues to be much involved.

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