Lord & Lady Riley

Lord and Lady Riley run a beautiful house in the country with heavenly gardens where they invite all their friends for lovely weekends of feasting, dancing, riding and croquet. During the week, the Riley’s are extremely busy with their projects. Lord Riley has started a business making emergency flat pack housing for disaster zones and Lady Riley does good work fundraising to help relive suffering. The Riley’s love packing their tent into the old Land Rover for adventures in the wild and visiting their hut on the beach for fishing, swimming and endless reading in the shade of palm trees.

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Lord Riley

Lord Riley is a a charming attractive character who is at times very wild. He loves extreme sport, fishing and escaping his grand house for rustic holidays in his hut on the beach.


Lady Riley

Lady Riley loves growing roses in her garden. She arranges fabulous parties, lays on delicious picnics in lovely places and is always creating marvellous outfits for special events.

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