Love and Pie

Love and Pie are the greatest friends, meeting up often to discuss important business, cunning plans and interesting events. Love Rat is a peace keeper, spreading the word of love, traveling far and wide to teach and preach the story of Love. Pie Rat is an Eco Warrior with a plan to clean up the beaches, setting up a surf shack to make surf boards from the flip flops found washed up on the beaches. Together Love and Pie travel to preach and surf inspiring good and kindness to whoever is lucky enough to meet them.

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Pie Rat

Pie Rat is  a pirate, always searching for treasure, He also loves the sea, snorkelling and surfing, but the rubbish on the beaches and the ocean make him sad.
Pie Rat is cleaning up.
He says..."Keep our oceans clean"


Love Rat

I love it when you cook a feast. And all the candles you light.
I love it when you snuggle up and keep me cozy all night.
I love our adventures far and wide
Sandy tracks and tropical seas
Coming home to our feather bed
And delightfully delicious teas...


Love & Pie Totos

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