Maharajah Rattys

The Maharajah Rattys live in a beautifully ornate palace with intricately carved doorways, wonderful marble floors, incredible fountains and botanical gardens. Chilli’s big interest is water, getting clean safe drinking water to everyone in the world. Saffron is a dancer, putting on spectacular shows and setting up a famous dance school.

Chilli and Saffron love setting off with the wherewithal for lavish tiffin picnics. They bring beautiful rugs and cushions and gather friends and family for delicious bitings, spicy curries and many other delectable delights.

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Saffron is a beautiful Indian dancer. She performs in the great palaces and festivals, dressed in jeweled slippers, shining silks, sparkling jewelry and tinkling bells.



Chilli is a Maharajah with a lavish lifestyle, from banquets in the palace gardens to elephant safaris and elaborate picnics in beauty spots. He has a particular appetite for all the festivals.


Maharajah Totos

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