Rasta Rats

Jackson and Esther live by the sea, loving the peaceful way of life in between the busy times. They have many visitors who are always welcomed with cups of masala tea while chatting round the fire late into the night. Jackson loves music and every year arranges an incredible festival with talented musicians from all over the world. Esther’s belief for everyone to have a better life is education and teaches the young and the old.The Rasta Rattys love cooking and having an open house to all their friends and family.

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Jackson is a Rasta Ratty who loves gazing at the sunset and enjoying a peaceful life on the beach. He makes music with his interesting friends beating on drums and strumming guitars.



Esther is a gentle soul who loves her little home. She always has a big pot of tea brewing to share with her friends who love popping in for good chats and sensible advice.


Rasta Totos

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