Safari Rattys

Safari Jo and Safari Jen both love the bush.They realize how precious it is for all the plants and animals, and yet it is being destroyed and dug up for growing crops. Safari Jo arranges Safaris in the bush showing off all the amazing animals and beautiful birds and spectacular places. Safari Jen does educational trips to raise awareness about the diminishing wild places, flora and fauna. Sometimes they do Riding Safaris on horses or camels to explore deeper into the wilderness.

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Safari Jen

Safari Jen loves travelling and visiting game parks with remarkable birds and animals some of which are endangered. She enjoys getting back from her dusty trips to sip mocktails by the pool.


Safari Jo

Safari Jo is a good friend to have in the bush. He is very intrepid and packs up his Landrover for many adventures far off the beaten track, he loves sleeping under the stars.


Safari Totos

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