Snow Rattys

Blizzard and Snowflake love their lives in the snowy North. In his spare time Blizzard skis and flies the big skies in his paraglider and Snowflake has an appreciation for the arts and history of the world. Blizzard is worried by Global warming and spends a lot of time learning about why precious Planet Earth is so threatened by pollution from the big factories, cars and machinery. The Snow Rattys have a beautiful sleigh that they love traveling in through the snow, pulled by their beautiful horses. Snowflake is a Patron of the Arts. She finds clever artists and helps them to become famous.

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Blizzard is from a cold far away country. He loves his winter sports like skating and cross country skiing and is always off on another adventure looking for good mountains to ski off and paraglide down.



Snowflake is very glamorous and sophisticated, travelling stylishly in her horse drawn sleigh. She dresses in elegant furs attending Snow Balls and glittering parties.


Snow Totos

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